75HP Remote Controlled Multi-Purpose Machine

The TRAK is internationally known as an extremely robust 75HP diesel  remote-controlled multi-purpose machine.  It has been designed with a low centre of gravity, thereby providing enhanced stability and enabling the TRAK to work in a variety of challenging and difficult to reach environments including slopes of up to 50 degrees.

TRAK is built from high tensile steel, with a reinforced chassis and is comparable in strength to a mid-range tractor.

The exceptional stability of the machine is due to the machine’s low centre of gravity, a special type of oil sump and also the rubber tracks which provide a superb grip.  The special design of the tracks and the tensioning system enable the TRAK to work on slopes of up to 50 degrees in any direction including on hills, mountain areas and embankments.

More and more businesses are investigating machine options that offer additional protection to their staff.  The TRAK is controlled by a remote control that can work from up to 150m away from where the machine is operating, thereby reducing the operator’s exposure to noise, vibration, exhaust fumes, flying objects or the machine falling on them.

As well as attachments (flails, forestry mulcher and rotary forestry heads) for cutting grass, shrubs and reeds in terrain ranging from forestry to slopes of up to 50 degrees, the TRAK comes with a range of other attachments including a Tree Shaker, Pruner disk, Sprayer, Stump grinder, Forestry Winch and Snow Blower.



    • 350 mm of width
    • Excellent adherence to the ground
    • Work on sloping areas up to 40°



    • 350 mm of width
    • Wide supporting surface with consequent less weight per cm²
    • Work on sloping areas up to 50°


    • 300 mm of width
    • Excellent adherence to the ground
    • Work on sloping areas up to 50°


  Specifications    TRAK
  Engine Type YANMAR 4 Cyl Diesel 75HP (52kw)
  Transmission Hydrostatic
  Working RPM 2500 rpm
  Low Range Speed 0-4 Km/h
  High Range Speed 0-7 Km/h
  Weight 2180 Kg
  Fuel Tank 57 Litres
  Hydraulic Oil Tank 50 Litres
  Max. Slope 50 degrees
  Cooling Radiator System reversible fan – FLEXXAIRE
  Remote Control AUTEC
  Working Range 150 metres
  Radio Frequency 870 Mhz (EU)
  Joystick Proportional
  Batttery Rechargeable